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WELCOME Fluffy Bear

Where Education is an interesting game

Fluffy Bear Company established in early 2016 as an Egyptian company, based in Cairo, focusing on kid’s toys production and distribution it both locally and internationally.

From day one for establishing the company, our main goal was to create an atmosphere of happiness and joy to the kids and their families through designing and implementing games that would help them learn, acquire knowledge and experience new skills through playing our games.

The Quality Is

We believes that the games quality that intakes the best raw material in production is the only way to ensure the products sustainability and satisfaction to our clients


Education is an interesting game.

The company is constantly exerting all its efforts to create games that would strike the balance between education and enjoyment, along with creating the right environment to enrich the kid’s knowledge, experience and provide their brains with the ability to innovate, create and develop new ideas.


Is to create hours of happiness and fun to the kids and their families through creating games that would enrich the kid’s general knowledge and ability to be innovative and creative.


Develop early learning skills for kids.
Develop memory and focusing skills.
Develop logical thinking and problem solving.
Encourage kids to create and innovate.
Develop quick decision making skills.
Develop the kid’s brain ability to understand and acquire new knowledge.


The company believes that every product of fluffy bear must achieve pleasure to the kids.
We believe that creativity and innovation along with the physical and visual appearance of all our products is the reason for creating the happiness and joy to the kids and their families.

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