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Captain Azouz


  • Be the fastest player to find Captain Azouz and his friends and win the game!
  • Game Board.
  • 120 Mystery Cards
  • 48 Tokens
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Object of the Game

  • Be the fastest player to find Captain Azouz and his friends on the game board once a card is turned over.


  • Punch out all of the tokens.
  • Each player selects 8 tokens of the same color. Put the rest back in the box.
  • Open the game board and place it within easy reach of all players.
  • Shuffle the mystery cards and spread them out with the picture side down.
  • Now you are ready to play the game and find Captain Azouz and his friends!

Playing the Game

  • The youngest player turns over a card. All players look at the card and the board and race to match the board image to the card image.
  • The first player to correctly place his or her colored token on the correct image space wins the card.
  • The player to the right of the youngest player now turns over a card and again all players race to cover the correct image with their token.
  • Play continues until one player has placed all his or her tokens correctly on images found on the game board.

To Win

  • The first player to successfully place all 8 of his or her tokens on images is the winner.


  • Game Board.
  • 120 Mystery Cards
  • 48 Tokens

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